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new orleans fishing You do not have to go far from the center of downtown New Orleans to find some of the best fishing in the world. Thanks to the shifting banks of the Mississippi, Southern Louisiana is an angler's paradise.

The area is a natural delta filled with rich silt that feeds a great variety of wildlife including oysters, crawfish, soft-shell crabs, hard-shell crabs, shrimp, yellow fin tuna, flounder, catfish, and red fish. The best fishing in the world is found in the region of the Plaquemine Parish, a fishing community of about 25,000 people that is located about 35 miles south of downtown New Orleans. Nearly 14 percent of the wetlands in the United States are located in this small area. This is the place to go if you want to rent a chartered boat, or plan your own excursion into the backwaters of Louisiana. However, the more inexperienced angler may opt to book a trip with a guide, and the city of New Orleans offers the services of two professional competitive sports anglers to help you navigate the tributaries and branches of Louisiana's backwaters.

If you have access to a car, book a one-day or two-day overnight fishing trip with Papa's Joe's Wetlands Service. After driving south 35 miles to one of two of Papa Joe's marinas, one of his experienced professional sports anglers will take you to a secret fishing hole teeming with catch. He will also provide you with equipment, fishing tackle and pack your haul for you to take back to New Orleans. A one-day fishing trip cost $150.00 per one person and $250.00 for two and this company can accommodate groups of up to fifty people if you book well in advance.

new orleans local fishing If you do not have a car and know absolutely nothing about fishing, Flatlander's Hooksetters will not only pick you up at your hotel but also provide you with gear and set you up with an experienced, professional angler who will give you angling lessons or just show you the best places to fish--whatever you require! A one-day fishing trip cost $150.00 per person or $250.00 a day for two people and if you do not catch any thing at all, Flatlander's will refund your money!
Discover for yourself where all those delicious Cajun and Creole seafood meals come from by landing your own catch of the day along the lazy delta of the Mississippi River.

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